Fashion Desk: 2013 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

She Said 2013 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

The Nick Kids’ Choice Awards are always full of fun. Celebrities have a great time with all the energy from the kids and the fun atmosphere. I think everyone also is looking forward to being slimed with the signature green slime that always makes the night exciting. The fashion tends to be filled with an interesting mix of very young stars and very famous celebrities. It’s an interesting blend that usually leads to some very fun choices (and a few clunkers, too) and this year’s red carpet was certainly full of great fashion!

Best Dresses

Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis

This dress is very cute.  I love the mix of the soft texture and bright green fused together in a simple tube silhouette. This is a great look for a young girl because it’s fun, but it’s still modest. Her shoes are really adorable although I don’t think they actually go very well with the outfit.

Rosie and Sophia Grace

I love these two little girls! They really look so great. The striped dresses are perfect for spring. I also love that even though they are slightly glammed up that they still look like little girls!


I love this outfit! It’s so fresh and pretty for spring. A beaded collar dresses up the casual, slightly rumpled top in a beautiful shade of purple, nicely. The print on her skirt is so feminine and lovely. Full skirts are so much fun to wear. I don’t really like her shoes because I think they don’t look like they belong in the same season as the other elements of the outfit. Her long, flowing hair and pastel makeup compliment this look well.

Lucy Hale

I love white dresses and this shirtdress is no exception! It’s cute, not too short and I love that it’s sleeveless. Her accessories and hair complement the look nicely and I love the fuchsia clutch!

Kristen Stewart

I love this two-piece outfit! Dressy shorts are so cute and I love the shape of these shorts. They are adorable paired with the matching structured top. Her hair looks great too. I would totally wear this entire outfit! She’s my best-dressed woman of the night!

Dress Messes


This looks is so weird and costumey. I am not a fan Ke$ha’s style or music. I love big sunglasses but I don’t like these. The combination of colors in this ensemble is actually a little sad and dated. This wacky look doesn’t even benefit from color to make it fun.

Katy Perry

This outfit looks too much like bathing suit with a sarong over it. It’s not very flattering to her shape and the color palette is sad. Her hair and makeup look great. This outfit just doesn’t work and it wouldn’t look good even as a bathing suit.

Almost Successes

Selena Gomez

I love the blue top! It’s so fluffy and feathery. It reminds me of a ballerina or an ice skater. But, I hate what she paired it with. The color is wrong, it’s too short and the accessories don’t complement the look very well. Her hair and makeup are so pretty that I wished the bottom half of the outfit would have been better.

Jessica Alba

I love the way her hair is styled. The shape of her dress is so cool and it’s totally modest. But, I don’t like the print. It’s somehow both too busy and too washed out. I just wish it was a different print or color and this look would be a winner!

Bella Thorne

I love this silver dress, but the accessories really take away from the outfit as a whole. Silver is a bold, but beautiful color choice and her garish accessories really diminish the whole look. If the accessories were in more muted, or maybe even just one bright hue, this outfit would have looked much more chic and flattering.

He Said Nick Kids’ Choice Awards 2013

The Nick Kids’ Choice Awards is always a fun event where men dare to dress in very daring ways.  For some reason this year it was very hard to find pictures to talk about.  I saw many more great examples of male fashion on TV than I could find to show here.  It was still a neat night for fashion overall.


Nick Cannon- Nick looks great in the most even appropriate outfit of the night.  This perennial Nickelodeon team player sports a Nick jacket, and accents the rest of his great casual outfit with Nick orange.

Big Time Rush- These guys did a really good job of looking occasion appropriate, stylish, and different from each other.

Lucas Crookshank- Lucas is looking good in this look.  The different designs on the tie, jacket and bow tie are all complementary, which is hard to pull off.  The bow tie is really fun too.


Steve Carrell- This outfit doesn’t look at it belongs at an award show, even one this casual.  There’s nothing special about it at all.

Almost There

Neil Patrick Harris-Neil’s blazer and tie are nice, but the pants don’t match, and the top shirt button undone combined with the tie doesn’t work well.

Mikey Reid-This suit is fun and adventurous, but there’s something wrong with the collar.  It should be open, or there should be a tie.

Austin Mahone- This look is very now, but the letterman sweater would look better as a jacket with the buttons more traditionally aligned.

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