Fashion Desk: 2013 ACM Awards

She Said: 2013 ACM Awards

The Academy of County Music awards (or ACM awards) is always a fun show to review because country music stars aren’t afraid to take risks. You may not necessarily always see tons of chic looks to copy, but it’s a fun red carpet! This year several ladies showed up in wonderful looks that I would love to wear and some of them wore outfits that may have been interesting but were not chic or had execution problems.

Best Dressed

RaeLynn 2013 ACM awards


I’ve been fan of RaelLynn and her signature style since I first saw her on The Voice last year. I really love this look! Her dress is flirty and cute. The cowboy boots are absolutely darling. I love how she incorporates flowers in her hairstyle. This look is very whimsical, but I think it’s really pretty and fun.

kacey musgraves

Kacey Musgraves

This is a lovely, sweet, white dress.  I especially like the feathers on the skirt and the cute cap sleeves!

Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square

I love Shawna and I think this look is really cool.  This dress is so dramatic. I absolutely love the sleeves- everything from the drape to the bead details. Her hair and makeup also look wonderful. Good job, Shawna!

 taylor swift 2013 ACM awards

Taylor Swift

I love this beautiful metallic gown! The cut is elegant and simple and the fit is impeccable. Her hair and makeup are a perfect balance of soft and strong. She wins my award for best look of the night!

Dress Messes

 tobi lee 2013 ACM awards

Tobi Lee

RaeLynn may have been having fun by choosing whimsically styled pieces and I’m sure this also an attempt at fashionable whimsy, it falls short of the mark. The dress is very unflattering. What color would you even call that skirt? The sparkly leopard top paired with a jeweled red satin bodice added onto that skirt is just too much! I detest open-toed boots or booties because I don’t understand why you would want holes in boots?  This look is just too much and not pretty at all.

 danielle peck 2013 ACM awards

Danielle Peck

This dress doesn’t fit well and the skirt is too poufy and heavy. I also don’t think the color combined with all those layers was a good idea because the dress kind of makes me think of Big Bird.  If the color was softer and the texture of skirt was softer then it might have looked much prettier.

Faith Hill

I feel like I don’t understand anything about this outfit. Is it a dress? Is it seperates? Why is the top gaping open? Why is there a bare midriff?  Why do those shoes have so many odd straps? I don’t understand this at all. Her hair and makeup look pretty, but I don’t get this outfit..

kimberly schlapman 2013 ACM awards

Kimberley Schlapman of Little Big Town

I’m not a big fan of jumpsuits but this one really doesn’t work for me because of the transparent cutouts in the front. Again I must ask- why? It’s very unflattering and makes her look heavier and unshapely.

Almost Successes

jewel 2013 ACM awards


The shape of the dress is pretty, but the lace and the color aren’t very pretty or flattering. A different type of lace and a different color would have changed this look to a winner for me.

the band perry kimberley perry 2013 ACM awards

Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry

White and silver look great together and I love high-low hems, but this look really isn’t well done. The silver should cover more of the bodice because it looks odd stopping where it does. I also think the underskirt is a little too short and too tight because it’s buckling. Kimberly always has fabulous hair so if the dress were tweaked just a bit this look could have been more successful.

Shania Twain 2013 ACM awards

Shania Twain

This outfit seems a bit too casual for a major award show. I also don’t like the shape of the dress because it looks like a towel or cover-up. What are the two tails flowing from it? If this dress was a little more structured and the boots were a little shorter this look might have been more successful. Her hair and makeup are lovely, but this dress is a little odd. It really feels like her personal style and with some tweaking could have worked better.

Carrie Underwood 2013 ACM awards

Carried Underwood

The shape of the dress is beautiful, but the print is so garish. I would love to see a beautiful floral ball gown, but this print is just too much. Her hair and makeup look nice, as does her cute clutch purse. But, the pattern of that fabric is too extreme because of the saturated color and massive scale of the flowers.

He Said: 2013 ACM Awards

I love country music awards shows better than any other kind of award shows for fashion.  Some dress up, some dress down, but there is very little boring, and a lot of chances taken.  That’s what I really like to see.


tim mcgraw and faith hill ACM 2013

Tim McGraw- Tim is my best-dressed man of the night.  His suit fits perfectly.  The vest blends in nicely, and the tie is gorgeous.  His hat has a formal feel, which completes the modern dressed up cowboy esthetic. 

randy houser 2013 ACM awards

Randy Houser- This isn’t as dressed up as Tim, but is a great look into funky country.  The paisley shirt is really fun, and the vest looks great.

 scotty mccreery 2013 ACM awards

Scotty McCreery- He would be welcome at any award show that didn’t have green slime in this suit.  This is a great simple look that really could fit so many purposes.

 easton corbin

Easton Corbin- I usually don’t like this shade of blue, but Easton looks great and really pulls together a dressed up casual country look.



keith urban

Keith Urban- Keith can really dress well, but he didn’t tonight.  The boots look beat up.  The denim blazer feels very forced, and the shirt is cut too low.

 dakota bradley

Dakota Bradley- A print t-shirt at any awards show is unacceptable in my book.  If it weren’t for the background, you’d never know he was at a red carpet event.

 jimi westbrook little big town 2013 ACM awards

Jimi Westbrook- What in the world was he thinking with that jacket?

 brantley gilbert 2013 ACM awards

Brantley Gilbert- There’s just too much hardware here.  I’m also curious what is going on with the lapel and the weird second pocket on one side.


lee brice 2013 ACM awards

Lee Brice- This outfit could have looked good, but the fit, especially the jacket, is way too tight.  It looks like he can’t even move.

 thomas rhett 2013 ACM awards

Thomas Rhett- Thomas’ suit is really boring.  There’s a ton of different ways he could have fixed this.  He could have had a different tie, added a vest or scarf, worn a hat, picked a different color of the suit, and the list goes on.

hunter hayes 2013 ACM awards

Hunter Hayes- I like the color of his suit, but it doesn’t look like it fits well, and he would have done well with cleaner shoes.

 jake owen

Jake Owen- I applaud Jake for trying something truly different, but there’s something about this design that makes it feel like a little too much.

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