Date Night: Game Night

We recently attended an event at our church that emphasized the importance of dating your spouse. It is really important to have fun time together. But, we understand that many people are probably in a similar boat that we are in where time and money are at a premium. We thought that we would share with you some of our date night ideas that won’t be too hard to plan or cost too much money.Whether you are dating or married, wealthy or fiscally struggling, dealing with a rapidly approaching, completely unsettled move (is that just us?) or whatever your situation- couples should have fun together!

She Said: Game Night

We absolutely love game night at our house. Both RJ and I (Kari) really enjoy playing board games. Every year we have a big tournament for New Years that usually lasts over a good portion of the first of the year where we play every game we own. I’ve currently held the title of Ultimate Board Game Champion for two years. We both love a lot of the same games, but sometimes we do like different games. For example, I don’t like Monopoly. It’s too long, there are so many rules and it usually takes up the whole night to play it. RJ loves Monopoly (and he usually wins, too), so we play it. Game nights are lots of fun because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have them. You can just use what games you have. If you are still building your game collection you can always try yard sales, Amazon and different big box stores frequently have good deals on them. The day after Thanksgiving is a great time to get some good games, we’ve gotten games for as little as $4 sometimes. A couple of years ago we took some board games for the White Elephant exchange at our Sunday school’s Christmas party. Both our Yahtzee (which is a truly awesome game and a favorite of my whole family) and SpongeBob SquarePants Monopoly (both were from pre-Christmas sales and purchased very cheaply) were fought over and claimed quickly. Most people love board games! So, if you want to have a fun date night without spending a lot of money you can do what we do sometimes. Make a yummy homemade pizza ( fun, cheaper and much healthier than takeout) and challenge someone to a gold old-fashioned game night!

If you are looking for the best board game ideas, here are a few of my favorites:

Candyland– I love Candyland because it’s so pretty! It may be a game that’s simple enough for a young child to play, but it’s still fun to play when you are all grown up. If you think it won’t be exciting then just wait until the first time that you are 6 spaces from when winning and you get sent back to a candy space near the beginning!

Monopoly Deal– I know I said I don’t like Monopoly and I don’t. Monopoly Deal is a card game. It’s really a lot of fun because it goes much faster and the rules are much simpler. You’ll still be collecting properties and fees from people who visit them, it’s just in a much more streamlined way.

Uno– I’ve loved playing Uno since I was a little girl. I used to play it with my grandparents on Friday nights. It’s a great game because it doesn’t require a lot of pieces or a lot of room. It can take a very quick amount of time to play or it can take longer than a half hour. You never know who will win Uno because it’s half chance, but it’s also half skill.  I would like to think that I’m a better Uno player, but the truth is when we play Uno, you never know who will win!

Rummikub– This game is a lot of fun and it requires a lot of concentration. It’s best played while Reba or The Cosby Show reruns play in the background, it will help you relax! We once played an epic version with some friends that took over an hour to finish. It was a very important evening for us because we found out we’d been playing it wrong! Well, at least we learned the right way eventually.  There’s nothing more exciting than making sure that you have groups of tiles that add up to 50 points and getting on the board ahead of your opponent!

Scrabble– Who doesn’t love Scrabble? Or Words with Friends (which is totally Scrabble!)?  We love Scrabble and it’s usually a part of any of the mini-tournaments that we play throughout the year and it’s always an exciting part of the game tournament. We got hooked on playing it over Thanksgiving break when we were in college. One of our first, and most exciting wedding gifts we received was our Scrabble!

Game nights are awesome! Now I want to plan one for us- soon!

We only a one leftover H from this game of Scrabble!

We only a one leftover H from this game of Scrabble!

He Said: Game Night

I love playing games with Kari.  We even have a game tournament every year where we try to play every game that we own.  It’s so nice to have something we both enjoy and can converse about what’s going on in our lives without feeling any pressure.  I don’t know how I only picked five, and I’ll probably walk past our game collection for weeks saying, “Why didn’t I pick this one!”

Boggle– I love word finds, so to have one as a game to play with others is so cool!


Monopoly-I love Monopoly, but Kari hates it.  We have to set a time limit otherwise with two shrewd players like us it can take forever!


Monopoly Deal-This card game version of Monopoly is really a good adaptation that’s easy for us to play anywhere.  We’ve played this on our bed when Kari was sick, and on the road a lot.  It takes a little while to get the hang of it, but once you do you’ll be addicted.  It’s the best of the series of card game adaptations that Hasbro has introduced.


Connect 4– Another one of my favorites that Kari didn’t like at first.  She’s really coming around now, and what was once a lock for me in the game tournament is becoming a tight race!


Aggravation– This game is so fun.  As you go around the board with your marbles trying to get them home, you can “aggravate” your fellow players, or try to use shortcuts get all your marbles home faster.  It plays a little like Sorry, but can go faster, and is played all the time at the Rothstein home.