Fashion Desk: 2013 MTV Movie Awards

She Said 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Any award show that is produced by MTV is most likely going to be peppered with outfits that range from tacky to extremely skimpy. However, every year I hold out hope that I’ll see beautiful and modest outfits on the red carpet. While last year’s red carpet contained some lovely outfits, this year was a big disappointment. I was happy to find a couple of outfits that were lovely, some that needed some tweaking (and most that needed a steamer and a good fitting) and some outfits were just terrible. I also found that this year there were many photos that I wouldn’t even want to display because they were so shocking.  Maybe next year will be better, but for now let’s tackle the ensembles from last night’s red carpet!

Best Dresses

karina smirnoff 2013 mtv movie awards

Karina Smirnoff

This is a great, wearable dress, and it would be suitable for many occasions. It’s a great shade of red, the fit is nice and it’s very classy. I’m not sure about the yellow manicure though- it jumps out in a bad way. Her hair and makeup look great, perfect for a party, but not over the top.

Emma Watson- Maxime Simoens

This dress is very modern and cute at the same time. The print of the textile is lovely and unique. The cute of the dress is different, but not too bare. Her shoes are darling! Emma gets my vote for best-dressed woman of the night!

Dress Messes

selena gomez 2013 MTV movie awards

Selena Gomez in Julien Macdonald

This dress is just too short and too bare. The gold fringe and lace look cheap and the whole ensemble really looks like an unflattering ice skating dress down to the hand details on the sleeve. I also really don’t like her hairstyle- it’s not very pretty or flattering.

hana mae lee 2013 Movie Awards

Hana Mae Lee

A cigarette hat- really? Yuck, I hate cigarettes. Even if this is supposed to be anti-smoking it’s just ugly and strange.  Her dress is costumey too and you can’t pair two costumey or silly pieces together and end up with a polished look.

Kerry Washington 2013 MTV Movie awards

Kerry Washington in Michael Kors

This dress looks like someone hastily wrapped some orange-yellow fabric around what started out as a chic, basic black dress. The yellow fabric kind of resembles an inflatable boat and really seems odd.

bella thorne 2013 mtv movie awards

Bella Thorne in Emporio Armani

The color of this suit is not very pretty and the whole outfit ages her. The pants are way too tight and they are rumpled and buckling because of this. She’s a young girl and not that she can’t have sophisticated moments, but this isn’t even well executed. I feel like Bella is really struggling to find a consistent style, but I look forward to watching her fashion choice evolve.

karlie kloss 2013 MTV movie awards

Karlie Kloss in Cushnie et Ochs

Aside from the fact that this looks like a costume from The Fifth Element, I’m really irritated that this looks like formal workout wear! I know women want to be attractive and like dressing up, but really why the skimpy athletic wear for evening look- why?

Kesha 2013 mtv movie awards


There’s nothing positive to say about this look. The separate pieces are all very unattractive and combined are simply dreadful.

Kim Kardashian 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Kim Kardashian in Saint Laurent

I’m sure that being pregnant changes your body and we all know that Kim is uncomfortable with her growing body. I feel like this dress makes her look even heavier. If the balance between the voluminous sleeves and the tight, tight dress was better mitigated this look could have been flattering. I’ve prayed for the blessing of pregnancy for a long time, wardrobe changes included! I hope that Kim can find ways to dress confidently, fashionably and more figure/taste appropriately.

Almost Successes

hayley williams 2013 mtv movie awards

Hayley Williams in Zara Jumpsuit

This look is almost perfect and is really cute and fun. I just wish that her top wasn’t cropped! Her hair is awesome. I love the juxtaposition of her gorgeous bright hair against a black and white outfit! Her Topshop boots are also really cute and pair nicely with the orange socks!

brittany snow 2013 mtv movie awards

Brittany snow in Lela Rose

I love the structure of this pretty navy dress, but the shoulder beading is just way too much. It almost makes the dress look like part of a bird costume. If the shoulders were even slightly more simply adorned then this dress would have been a best dressed for me

chloe moretz 2013 mtv movie awards

Chloe Grace Moretz in Louis Vuitton

I can’t believe denim dresses are coming into fashion!  I thought we had happily left them in the 90s. I’m really happy that the dress is pretty modest.  I’ll try to learn to deal with denim dresses again, but they’ll have to be very chic! This is cute and young, but I feel there’s a little too much seaming detail and the dress is cut a little too square! Maybe with a little bit of work, I would even like this dress. I’m surprised that I almost like a denim dress!

jordana brewster 2013 MTV movie awards

Jordana Brewster in Camilla and Marc

First of all, I love her Casadei heels- they are so cute. I need a pair of white pumps. I’ve always loved white shoes and I’m so glad that they are back in style. I really love the crispness of this dress and the structure of the one-shoulder/ peplum combination. What I don’t like is the fit; the dress is buckling badly, and the seaming detail, which makes the dress slightly unflattering. Her hair and makeup look nice and with just a few tweaks this look could have been a winner.

He Said: MTV Movie Awards 2013

I love award shows like the MTV Movie Awards!  The less formal tone allows for some great fashion risks.  There are some big failures, but there are some big wins too. This year was a bad year for fit, and a good year for little risks.


Vinny Gaudagnino- This risk works really well.  He kept everything simple except his shirt.  The black tie, and the gray suit work very well together.  The shirt takes both of those elements and turn them on their ear but doesn’t add anything that would be extra distracting.

 steve carrell 2013 mtv movie awards

Steve Carrell- This outfit wouldn’t work anywhere else, but it’s great here.  It’s casual, but the jacket is a nod to being at an award show.

jared gilman

Jared Gilman- Jared’s look is quintessential MTV.  It’s fun and hip and young, and all fits well.  Way to go Jared!


ryan lewis and macklemore 2013 mtv movie awards

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore- Ryan Lewis on his own probably would have wound up in my almost list.  While it doesn’t work that great, I appreciate his attempt at color blocking.  What pushes these guys to the bad is Macklemore.  While it’s tempting to make a joke about him getting to into his hit song “Thrift Shop” what we see here is much too new an polished for that.  What I see is something much more disturbing.  It appears that with is flamboyant shoes and garish cape he is dressing like a glamourized version of a literal pimp, which is entirely unacceptable and inappropriate.

zachary quinto 2013 mtv movie awards

Zachary Quinto- I love the blue that he chose here, but everything fits so horribly.

alan ritchson 2013 mtv movie awards

Alan Ritchson- Bad fit strikes again!  Alan has a pretty good thing going on here, and I really love vests, but nothing fits right!


Tyler Posey- Tyler is dressed well, but it doesn’t look like he’s at an awards show.  Just adding a jacket would have elevated this look enough.

 seth rogen 2013 mtv movie awards

Seth Rogen- This look is similar to Steve Carrell’s, but since the shirt isn’t tucked in and he opted for a cardigan instead of a jacket, it doesn’t feel like an award show.

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