Choose Our Adventure: Sports Edition

Choose Our Adventure: Sports Edition

Spring is here at last! How exciting! It means warm weather and the ability to get out of the house and do more fun things! Spring also brings about the season opening of one of our favorite sports- baseball! RJ has always been a big sports fan and grew up playing football, lacrosse and wrestling. I (Kari) have never really participated much in sports, I did love playing basketball with my dad and I’m always up for skating or bowling! Now that spring is here we are ready to spend some time enjoying some of our favorite sports. And you get to decide what sport we’ll be spending time enjoying! Here are the nominations for this month’s Choose Our Adventure!

Check out Potomac Nationals mascot Uncle Slam!

Check out Potomac Nationals mascot Uncle Slam!

Potomac Nationals Game

We love baseball and we are super big fans of our local minor league team the Potomac Nationals! We called our friends at the stadium and asked them why you should vote for them and here’s what they said:

Kari and RJ will kick off the game with throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.  Sample all the ballpark delicacies at the Logan’s Sausage Grill, Soul Wingz stand and finishing off the eating with fresh frozen yogurt by Bluberi.

Kari and RJ will lead the PNats faithful in singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and after post game fireworks show, they have the opportunity to camp out on the Out Field and watch the movie Sandlot on the video board.

Seriously, how amazing is that? Who wouldn’t love to throw out a first pitch for a team they love?! If you love baseball, or if you have ever dreamed of leading a crowd in “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” then this is what you should vote for!


We’ve always been big fans of bowling. In fact, we went bowling for my bachelorette party- we had a great time!  We play Wii bowling a lot! But, it’s always a treat to actually get out on the lanes and bowl for real. Don’t you want to know who the better bowler between us really is? Because we kind of do! It’s too close to call on Wii bowling and we need some real lane time to discover who the champion is!  If you are a bowling fan, too, then this is the option for you to vote for.

Ice Skating

I (Kari) have deeply loved ice-skating since I was a little girl. I adored watching it on television. I didn’t actually get to try it until I was 13 (although I had been roller skating since I was 8) and I loved it even more! We still love watching it and even get together with friends to watch the major skating events sometimes! But, here’s the crazy thing- RJ has still never been ice-skating. So, if you like to hear about us trying totally new experiences or if you are a skating fan then this is probably your best option!


We love movies. In fact, we love movies so much that we figured out a way to work them into a sports vote! We really love movies about real people, so we are very excited to see 42! Jackie Robinson is one of the biggest heroes in American sports and getting a chance to learn more about him sounds fascinating! If you like reading our movie reviews then this is the choice for you!

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