Playlists: Songs About Dancing

Today is International Dance Day! We love dancing. We dance in our living room, down aisles in the grocery store, parking lots; really anywhere the mood strikes us. The rare date nights when we get a chance to go out dancing are always a lot of fun. We aren’t really dancing much these days because of me being sick at random intervals (did I mention how horrible Metformin is?) and also because we are super- stressed and scared about moving (we’ve filled out so much paperwork and looked at so many places) and we need something good to happen quickly.  But, I’m trying to remember that God can and will take care of us. I’m just going to work as hard as I can on everything that depends on my effort and pray for God to work his miracles for everything else.

So, let’s get back to dancing! I don’t really have time or space to dance right now, what with boxes half-packed. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t listen to dance music while we pack! I would rather have at least my heart be able to dance.  I certainly plan a celebratory dance (even if it’s just dancing in place for 30 seconds wedged between boxes) once we know where we are moving, because this timetable is so tight that it will merit much worship to God when it does happen!  And if you are lucky enough to not be moving soon you can dance- so dance for us! I would like to think that all happy, able-bodied people would be dancing today.

Here's a photo of us at an 80's party in college. I was so lucky to be the first girl that got asked to dance. RJ loves to dance as much or sometimes more than I do!

Here’s a photo of us at an 80’s party in college. I was so lucky to be the first girl that got asked to dance. RJ loves to dance as much or sometimes more than I do!

Here are some of our favorite songs about dancing to go and dance it up, too! Or if you are trying to pack or work wherever you are maybe it will at least give you a dancing heart.

Dance Tonight- Paul McCartney

It’s such a cute, happy little song!

Sadie Hawkins Dance- Relient K

No one can resist, the oh, oh, oh’s!

Why Don’t We Just Dance- Josh Turner

This song has such a great sentiment. The world is crazy, so let’s dance!

Dancing in the Street- Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

This song is totally a summertime, dance time, party time classic! Plus it gives a shout out to DC!

Dancing With Myself- Glee Cast

This is a great fun song and this version from Glee is our absolutely favorite version.

The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing- White Christmas Soundtrack

This song has a wonderful dance number in the movie, but it stands along as a fabulous dance song.

Some Days You Gotta Dance- Dixie Chicks

I (Kari) love this song. Sometimes life is really tough and things are so difficult. I never wanted to struggle through a move and a painful adjustment to insulin medicine all at once. But, I am. I know that sometime in the next few weeks I will be through this move and someday I’ll actual have a day without bouts of stomach illness. Oh, how I plan to dance that day! Until then, I’ll dream about it and dance in my heart.

Praise You with the Dance- Casting Crowns

It’s so wonderful that we can praise God with dance! He’s worthy of all honor and praise- even in the middle of situations that bring us to our knees.

So go twirl, leap, pirouette, slide, spin, shuffle- just go dance and smile for a few minutes today!

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