Be a Blessing: Crazy Good Burgers Rebuild

Be a Blessing: Crazy Good Burgers Rebuild

RJ and I (Kari) started this section of the blog because we wanted to help people. We know that we don’t always have much time or money to give, but we want to help. I believe that it’s very important to live your life seeking to be a blessing to others. I once had an acting teacher who told me that you can’t “be” anything, and that’s true perhaps in acting philosophy. But, in the real world we all have a chance every day to be a blessing to those around us.

Several months ago RJ and I ate from our first food truck. We’d wanted to eat from a food truck for a long time. It may seem strange that we went to my hometown of Morristown, TN and not Washington, DC, where we live now. But, living in the suburbs food trucks are not always easy to find. When we were visiting my family, we were excited to accept their recommendation and delicious offer of lunch from Crazy Good Burgers. As you many of you know, I’m very picky, I have a lot of food allergies and I have to be careful of what I eat because of my health problems. I LOVED THIS FOOD! It was truly the best hamburger and lemonade that I’ve ever purchased. I loved their commitment to quality and to local ingredients. We raved about the food, because it was so delicious and we loved how they were providing jobs and quality food to an area that we love.

Today is the first anniversary of Crazy Good Burgers. What should be a totally happy day is somewhat clouded in sadness because they recently suffered a kitchen fire that has forced them to close their business. But, the great news is that they are planning to re-open and have launched a campaign to rebuild!  RJ and I are both praying that Chef Corbin Trent and the rest of the Crazy Good Burgers crew will be back in business soon!

Crazy Good Burgers- look at that amazing, perfectly textured burger! The bun, the pickles and all the toppings are wonderful too!

Crazy Good Burgers- look at that amazing, perfectly textured burger! The bun, the pickles and all the toppings are wonderful too!

You may be wondering- how can I help? You know, I’ll always give suggestions about ways that you can help. You may be wondering- why should I help? You should help because family businesses are what built up this country and we need more of them. Hello- even DuPont started out as a small family business!  You should also help support this business because they use local ingredients and therefore support local merchants, businesses and farmers. The food they make is delicious and provides a more healthful way to enjoy the fun of eating burgers and fries.

So, how can you help? Here a few suggestions

1.     Pray for them- Pray for the Crazy Good Burgers crew that they will be blessed with wisdom, speed, ease and resources to restart their business

2.     Give to their Kickstarter campaign at  – It’s really easy to register and you can make payments through your Amazon account.  You can even just give a few dollars and the really cool part is that they are giving away really cool gifts for pledges. Even just a gift of $10 will get you a CGB rebuild bracelet.  For the price of a meal, you can help this company restart their business! There are also some awesome opportunities for organizations, individuals or companies to give even more.

3.     Spread the word about Crazy Good Burgers- Follow them on Twitter and Facebook and share their story!

RJ and I really love this company and the good they are doing in our beloved East TN. Their goal is to reach $8,000 in donations by Wednesday May 29th at 11:03 Eastern. If they don’t reach that goal, the money that has been pledged won’t be collected. Check out what we have to say about the awesome food of Crazy Good Burgers, and visit them on Facebook and Kickstarter.

We’re behind you and praying for you, Crazy Good Burgers! May we be sipping one of your amazing lemonades and feasting on one of your burgers soon!