Ice Cream Adventure: Baskin-Robbins

She Said:

It’s finally summertime! That means it’s time for sun, ice cream and fun. Our life is still in upheaval since moving so we aren’t really having fun. Plus, since this surprise move came when we were completed unprepared for an expensive move- we are now dealing with some seriously, depleted resources. However, I’m determined to make the money we have count for as much as possible. I am looking for coupons, promo codes and deals (in a normal way- not in an Extreme Coupon way) and I’ve found some helpful things. I really love membership clubs for stores on restaurants because they can really give you some good deals for simply signing up for an email. Several years ago we signed up for the Birthday Club at Baskin-Robbins. I don’t remember the last time we went there, but I know this- we won’t be going back.

When I was a little girl I hated Baskin-Robbins. I remember one time that my parents took me there and my chocolate ice cream had ice crystals in it. I felt that was completely unacceptable and I was an extremely picky child so I didn’t go back for a long time. Eventually a friend’s mom took us for their famous (in the 80’s and 90’s) clown cones. I thought they were cute and novel- but nothing could dissuade my love for soft-serve ice cream. I was always a Dairy Queen fan! We tried Baskin Robbins several years ago and I was happy with the flavors, but my palate has grown and improved since then. I just don’t like their flat, too-sweet ice cream.

We both got flavors that we had enjoyed in the past. I ordered Gold Medal Ribbon. It’s supposed to be a mix of vanilla with chocolate and include a caramel ribbon worked throughout. While I could say a yellow-ish ripple wound through my ice cream, I couldn’t taste any caramel. I love caramel so not being able to taste it at all is a huge problem. I also love chocolate. I couldn’t taste any chocolate from the ice cream- either. All I could taste was bland, cloyingly sweet, thin ice cream. RJ ordered a terrible flavor that had pieces of cake that felt and tasted like Play-Doh.

 We had a coupon for a free scoop for RJ’s recent birthday and we thought- it’s perfect. We can write about ice cream we haven’t had for a while and get a good deal! Well, it used to be that you got a free scoop and you still get a free scoop. But, it’s the kid-sized scoop. How silly! They can’t give a regular scoop anymore- it has to be a kid-sized scoop! The cashier reprimanded me for not presenting my coupon at first, because she needed to remove some of RJ’s ice cream from his cone because I just ordered two regular, one-scoop ice creams.  I realize that I probably should have said we had a coupon when I first ordered and I felt really bad when they dumped off some ice from RJ’s cone. They pointed out it’s not a small anymore; it’s the “other” scoop. I really wish they had said that plainly on the coupon, because I would have not even bothered going in.

I would obviously much rather eat at Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot, but that can be expensive. If you are looking for cheap, good ice cream- forget Baskin Robbins. I’d be happier with a Frosty Jr. from Wendy’s. I’m really done with Baskin Robbins this time.

Well, maybe unless they bring back a clown cone.

Kari’s Ratings

Gold Medal Ribbon- 1

America’s Birthday Cake- 0

Overall- 0

Baskin-Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon

Baskin-Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon

Baskin-Robbins America's Birthday Cake

Baskin-Robbins America’s Birthday Cake

He Said:


We recently got a coupon for a free one-scoop cone of ice cream at Baskin Robbins in honor of my birthday.  That excited me, but things quickly went horribly wrong.

I ordered America’s Birthday Cake.  Kari got the Gold Medal Ribbon.  When we got to the cashier, that’s when things started to go awry.  We presented our coupon and they asked us which one was the free one.  We pointed to mine, and the person working told us that it was “supposedly” a smaller scoop.  This to me felt like code for “they say it’s less, but it’s really not.”  I was completely wrong.  She took my ice cream, dumped the scoop, and scooped me the “supposedly” smaller scoop which was in fact much smaller.  This wasn’t the right way to handle this.  For starters, we’ve taken advantage of that coupon in previous years, and my cone was never smaller!  I have to ask Baskin Robbins when they expect people to present coupons if not when paying?  Should we say that first thing?  I guess I just don’t understand how they design this process to work.  Then, in the name of good customer service, the person behind the counter should have just given the bigger ice cream to the loyal patron celebrating their birthday.  When I saw her dump mine and was able to compare the size with the one Kari bought, I already hated the ice cream.  Instead of a birthday gift, it felt like a thumb in the eye.

My ice cream was better than Kari’s, but not by much.  Hers just tasted vaguely sweet, where mine had the benefit of a weirder flavor, and the addition of chunks of cake.  It was okay for being free, but I wouldn’t pay for it again.  The final straw was the glob of glue that was present on both our cones to attach the paper to it.  Who wants to eat glue?

We’ve since unsubscribed from these offers to save the heartbreak.


RJ’s Ratings

America’s Birthday Cake-3

Gold Medal Ribbon-1

Overall Experience-0