TV Time: The American Baking Competition: Finale

Francine and Darlene having fun during the finale. image from

Francine and Darlene having fun during the finale.
image from

(This post contains spoilers)

We had so much fun watching and writing about The American Baking Competition that we had to sound off on the finale.  We’ve seen the contestants bake from a wide variety of recipes this season and it’s been really interesting to learn more about baking technique.

The finale was definitely not a disappointment from a challenge perspective. It was nice to see the contestants create a recipe for the Signature Bake that contained Georgia’s famous peanuts! I (Kari) loved Darlene’s cake and disagreed with Paul that it looked dated. I love doughnuts (I’m even having a doughnut birthday cake this year) so it was great fun to watch them make Boston Cream Pie doughnuts during the Technical Bake. I really thought that Francine might win because she was able to achieve the shiniest glaze, but they liked Darlene’s better. The Showstopper Challenge was really complicated. The contestants had to create a dessert display with 72 desserts that was inspired by the American flag. As much as I hate to admit it, because I’ve been no great fan of him, Brian’s display truly looked the best. It was elegant and the food looked so well prepared.

I was really disappointed that neither Darlene nor Francine won. They’ve both made some amazing food and showed wonderful technique and creativity. I don’t doubt that either of them would write an interesting cookbook. But, Brian did win. I was pleased to see that his attitude was much more gracious and pleasant. I’m glad he was nice last night, but his style and personality are certainly not my favorite.

Congratulations to Brian for winning! Congratulations to Darlene and Francine for being finalists and awesome bakers!  I really enjoyed expanding my knowledge of baking and being inspired to try to create more things. I’m sure that I’ll use recipes or inspiration from their cookies and breads episodes!

Thanks so much CBS for a fun show! I hope you’ll do a second season!