5 Questions

We love sharing our opinions and experiences with you here on our blog! RJ and I (Kari) both have different strengths and sometimes we have different jobs as we run this site. We both write, but sometimes jobs work better with one person taking the lead. RJ is great at handling our media contacts and I handle the social media and scheduling. I’m also the Webmaster and one of the most fun parts of that job is seeing the different search terms that bring people to our blog. I’ve seen so many different search terms, but some terms come up again and again. I’ve seen that people are looking for answers to questions.  I want to make sure that while we share about our opinions and lives and that we also give people the content they are searching for.

What the buffet restaurants in Dollywood? Our readers and people who search our site want to know!

What the buffet restaurants in Dollywood? Our readers and people who search our site want to know!

Today we are debuting our newest feature category: 5 questions! Periodically, I’ll compile a list of some of the most interesting (and clean- yikes, the things I see sometimes) search terms or questions that bring people to our blog.

1.     Who won The American Baking Competition?

Brian Emmett won The American Baking Competition and you can check out what we thought of the finale and if he deserved the win in our finale post.

2.     What happened to United Bates of America?

Sadly, TLC decided not to continue filming. I’m very disappointed and will keep hoping and praying that maybe another network like Inspiration or Up will pick up the show. It sounds like there are a lot of us that miss the show; maybe we should start an email campaign to these 3 networks? I appreciate the Bates’ family so much for their testimony and sweet spirit. I would love to see them back on television regularly!

3.     Is Amazima sound?

Yes, Amazima Ministries is a very sound ministry. They provide education, food, medical care and much more with the people of Uganda. More importantly they also share about the love of Jesus with these people and are truly a ministry that cares for the body and the soul. We are actually reading Kisses from Katie (well re-reading for me) for our Book Club together- so look forward to that upcoming post. Katie Davis a personal hero of mine and I would feel very safe donating to Amazima Ministries. We have before with no problems and hope that we’ll be able to donate in the future.

4.     What is the name of the buffet at Dollywood?

There are several buffets at Dollywood. Aunt Granny’s is an all –you- care- to-eat country style buffet, we visited several years ago and weren’t fans. Miss Lillian’s Chicken House is also a buffet restaurant. While we love Miss Lillian we are not fans of the buffet, especially considering its high cost.

5.     Where does the Willis Clan get their money from? How do they make a living? –  

      They’ve not made this clear. Toby Willis stated in the show that he didn’t need to push the kids for money and that they were financially set for life. On the episode that aired on July 11th, Jessica said that it was a big deal for them to get a record contract so that they could make a living doing what they love. This seems to be a little confusing, but maybe she was referring to how she and her brothers and sisters will earn a living when they get married? I’m honestly not sure how they make a living. I do wish that were more honest about it. We all know the Duggar family makes money from commercial real estate and now their books, show, etc. Perhaps the Willis Clan will talk about how they provide a living for their family at some point.

Keep searching for information from our blog and keep sharing our stories! If you have any questions that you would like us to address (or attempt to address J) in a future post, please leave them in the comments below!