TV Time: Hollywood Game Night

Host Jane Lynch

Host Jane Lynch


She Said:

I love games. We’ve even blogged before about how much love to have a game night. We haven’t had a game night in so long since I’ve been sick and we’ve been dealing with moving/getting settled. So, when I saw there was going to be a show on that was called Hollywood Game Night, I was pretty excited but a little skeptical. I love seeing celebrities (as long as things don’t get tacky) and I love games, but would the two mesh well. I grew up watching Match Game and Password reruns and frankly those show got a little too blue at times. Could a modern show be funny without the racy humor? I wasn’t sure it could, but I decided to be optimistic and give it a chance.

Hollywood Game Night is basically a boozed up, celebrity filled, game night. Two “regular” contestants compete against each other for the chance to win 25,000. Each contestant is placed on a team with 3 celebrities. Some of the games are fun word play games, which I enjoy. I also really like the games where you identify photos of products. I really do like the games. But, sometimes, in fact all too often, the humor gets a little too blue. I don’t want to see people dancing or grinding on each other either. I just want to play the fun games!

Jane Lynch is the host of this little gathering. She’s very awkward, not her in usual charming, slightly awkward way. Sometimes her jokes don’t make sense, she’s a little physically rough with the contestants (she almost threw one girl into a couch) and it’s hard to understand her. She isn’t enunciating very clearly and sometimes RJ and I think that she’s said two different things, both of which are incorrect.  I think Jane is very talented, but she may not be a good host. I loved her in Julie and Julia and Holly Hobbie. Some of the guest stars have been fun to watch. I wasn’t familiar with Yvette Nicole Brown and she rocked so many categories. Lisa Kudrow, who is so super-talented, also did a really great job. Martin Short did not impress me at all. Because he did a bad job with the games and was really gross or mean-spirited on a few occasions.

We’ve watched two episodes of Hollywood Game Night and I can’t imagine watching more. I like some of the games. But, the mean-spirited (way too many jokes about Matthew Perry’s hair) and blue humor really hinders the show. If people are truly drinking on this show I think they should stop. They are dulling the true humor and their abilities.

Kari’s Rating- 2

Celebrity contestants ( see, Matthew Perry's hair isn't that bad!)

Celebrity contestants ( see, Matthew Perry’s hair isn’t that bad!)

He Said

This summer NBC is attempting another twist on the classic game show.  Jane Lynch hosts Hollywood Game Night with the idea that we are looking in on a party at her “house” and the games that her celebrity guests are playing.  In reality, two teams of three sort of famous people and one regular Joe compete in game show style games for a chance at $25,000 for the “civilian” (as Lynch calls them) and $10,000 for one of the celebrities’ chosen charity.

If it sounds like the setup sounds forced, it is.  Even Lynch seems to laugh about the idea that this isn’t staged.  As weird as it’s going to sound, in some ways they nailed the party atmosphere too well, but they captured it in all the worst ways.  There’s definitely awkwardness.  There’s the guy that thinks he’s so funny he can’t shut up.  There are the girls that are laughing way too loud for anyone else.  There’s the host that feels the need to fill every second with something like pre-orchestrated games and a house band.  Booze also holds too high a place here.  Every episode starts with a drinking game idea, and at least one game features eliminated contestants going to drink at the prominent bar.  And there is lots of “ribbing.”  These are all things in my mind that make for a bad party.  And this show is a bad party.  This is a party where no sensible person is going to enjoy themselves.  I’m talking Mary Richards, Frasier Crane bad party here.  Which is a shame.  The games are fun to play along with, and there was the potential here for some good, clean fun.

Hollywood Game Night airs Thursdays at 10pm for an excruciating hour that I won’t be putting myself through again.

RJ Rating-1

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