Ice Cream Adventure: National Ice Cream Day

Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day! Since ice cream is one of our favorite foods we couldn’t let the day pass completely unnoticed. Unfortunately instead of being able to celebrate such a fun holiday, I (Kari) had to stay home recovering from a massive allergic reaction. RJ very kindly brought me a Jr. Frosty, which was almost like getting ice cream, but I still missed out on having my favorite ice cream treat. I’m feeling better, but still have to stay out of the sun for a bit. So, let’s live vicariously and retreat into our past ice cream posts to relieve what ice cream (good and bad) that we’ve sampled during the past year and a half.

Baskin Robbins America's Birthday Cake

Baskin Robbins America’s Birthday Cake

Baskin Robbins– This was a total disaster. Bland ice cream and bad customer service led to a totally inferior experience. Especially when you account for the whole “ice cream take-back” incident. We definitely won’t be going back to Baskin Robbins for 31 flavors or otherwise.


Peterson's Ice Cream Depot- Vanilla Soft Serve

Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot- Vanilla Soft Serve

Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot This is hands down our favorite ice cream in the area and truly, probably our favorite ice cream we’ve ever had. While Peterson’s does have fabulous savory food (especially check our pics of the BBQ dog and the sweet potato fries), their ice cream is truly the star. We love the cones, the milkshakes, and the sundaes. But, my absolute favorite ice cream treat from Peterson’s is their Squish sandwich- two huge chocolate chip cookies packed with either vanilla or chocolate soft-serve. It’s a perfect blend of creamy ice cream and crunchy, chewy cookie that it is really a perfect treat.

Chocolate Yogurt from Blueberi

Chocolate Yogurt from Blueberi

Blueberi- We sampled this frozen yogurt at a P-Nats game, earlier in the spring. The flavor is nice, but the yogurt was so frozen I couldn’t get a good read on the texture. We’re open to trying this again, but I (Kari) am more than a little skeptical of it standing up to other frozen yogurt favorites.

Pinkberry They truly have the best frozen yogurt. It’s tangy, rich, and smooth and has the most probiotics. Unfortunately, they are also very fickle with their flavors. I love their salted caramel yogurt so much. But, if they are out of either the yogurt itself or the salt to top it with- I’ve learned to just pass it without sampling. RJ enjoys more flavors than I do, but he loves salted caramel too.

Pitango Gelato– We love sorbet and gelato, but these flavors didn’t live up to our expectations- or their own prices.

Dairy Queen– Yes, Dairy Queen is a major corporation. But, whenever I eat a cone from here I’m instantly transported back to being a little girl. Nostalgia counts for something in terms of ice cream!

Sweet Frog– The yogurt is great, although it’s not nearly as nutritious as Pinkberry’s. They are a little better about keeping my favorite (dulce de leche) on tap, but we did leave without buying yogurt because they didn’t have it last time! They have great toppings, but it’s definitely going to be a less healthy and more fun experience because of the tempting toppings bar.

Funnel Cake Sundae with Strawberries from Kline's Freeze

Funnel Cake Sundae with Strawberries from Kline’s Freeze

Kline’s Freeze– Kline’s freeze is a cute, vintage-style drive in that makes what we thought used to be the best ice cream (wrong, totally wrong- Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot does). But, they do still make nice funnel cakes and if you’ve never experienced a funnel cake sundae, then grab a friend and go, because it can be a fun one-time experience.

Caramel Ice Creams From Our Local Grocery Store

Caramel Ice Creams From Our Local Grocery Store

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (from grocery stores)– We tried several different brands, but alas none have been able to successfully satiate our desire for having salted caramel goodness in our very own freezer.

Yes, I’ve mixed sorbet and frozen yogurt in with regular ice cream memories. Plus, I know that some people don’t consider soft-serve to be ice cream. But, since we love soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt, I decided that in my mind they all count as “ice cream”. The point of ice cream is to have something cold, creamy, sweet, that comforts as well as well as cools you down.  Yogurt, sorbet, gelato, soft serve, traditional ice cream- it’s all ice cream to me!

Where do you go to get the best ice cream? What’s your favorite flavor? Where should we go to sample new and wonderful ice cream and frozen treats?