Playlists: Relaxation Part 1

Yesterday was National Relaxation Day. Why is there not one of those days every week? I (Kari) think that every weekend should have 3 days- maybe then we could have a relax day once a week. This summer has been exhausting. I won’t bore you through the details of sick, broke, trying to get pregnant, moving, drama, etc., but it’s been tough. I can’t believe that summer is almost over! In an effort to relax, I’ve decided to create a nice relaxation playlist. I’ll be sharing it with you multiple installments. That way we’ll get a fresh mini-playlist every few weeks. I’m hoping for much more relaxing fall. Now, even if it’s hectic and crazy at least we’ll have good music to listen to!

I would like to be relaxing here right now!



A Very Important Thing to Do- Zooey Deschanel


It’s a good song for helping you catch your breath and get excited about your next task.



On a Bicycle Built for Two- Nat King Cole


A cute little novelty song that’s over a hundred years old!



The Embassy Waltz- from My Fair Lady


The score from My Fair Lady is so gorgeous.




Carolina in the Morning- Dean Martin


Dean Martin singing about the Carolinas= relaxation



For Now for Always- Maureen O’Hara


This Disney ballad from The Parent Trap is so pretty.




You’re My Best Friend- Renee & Jeremy


This song always makes me think of my best friend. How releasing is that?



Theme from “A Summer Place”– Percy Faith


I always think of vintage hats, the swish of crinoline and pink lemonade when I hear this song. It’s a like a brief vacation to another time.



I Second That Emotion- Smokey Robinson


Smokey definitely will help dial your blood pressure down with this song.



Candy- Big Maybelle


Do you think that blues can’t be relaxing? Try this track



You Send Me- Sam Cooke


Sam Cooke’s another Motown smoothie and this song is so sweet.



Ho Hey- The Lumineers


Proof that you don’t have to be an older song to be relaxing. I always breathe easier in a store or restaurant when I hear this song.




Crazy- Patsy Cline


Country music can be relaxing too! It’s not all about guns, dogs, cheating and fighting. Thank goodness!



I Almost Do- Taylor Swift


Taylor can definitely get you energized, but this pretty ballad is so thoughtful and calm.



Crazy Love- Michael Buble


Michael is a modern smoothie! This song always makes me want to cuddle up with RJ. Hello! Cuddles=relaxation!



Vince Gill- Pretty Little Adriana


The instrumentation and lyrics of this song are just so sweet!



You Are So Good to Me- Third Day


This song reminds me of how much that God gives for, has given to me and will continue to give to me.  I can definitely relax when I can cast my worry aside and remember how much he loves me.



Come Thou Fount- Jadon Lavik


This song helps me “tune my heart to see his (thy) praise. I definitely need reminders that God is always there even when things are dark. And he’s always worthy of praise



I have a list of 4 songs that always relax me! This is one of my anytime, any place relax song.



Collide- Howie Day


I know it sounds cheesy. But, it always calms me down. If I’m in the car, I’ll usually relax to the point of almost sleeping and sometimes actually will fall asleep!



Have a good weekend! Try to find some time to relax!!!!!



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