Two Palate Dining: Zinga Frozen Yogurt

Kari's frozen yogurt from Zinga

Kari’s frozen yogurt from Zinga

She Said:

Frozen yogurt is a great treat because you don’t have to feel too guilty about it! You get to have something, sweet and creamy that’s also kind of good for you. However, if you are lucky enough to have frozen yogurt that’s high in probiotics and low in fat- you can really celebrate. Of course, you can’t go too crazy with the toppings! We recently visited Zinga Frozen Yogurt and are happy to add another yogurt shop to our list of faves.

The shop itself is cute, but a typical yogurt shop. I absolutely adore the variety of colored spoons to pick from! The service was very friendly. I was also pleased that this is the cleanest and most orderly self-serve frozen yogurt shop that I’ve been to.

The yogurt, which is certified by the National Yogurt Association, is really good. I sampled the chocolate, which was tasty, but ultimately my love of caramel won out. When I saw the sign for Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel, I knew I had found my pick. The caramel is sweet in addition to the familiar savory taste of pretzels. I do think this flavor is a little light on the salt because it was too sweet for me and lacked the salty bite I was expecting. I usually salt all my yogurt and ice cream, if salt is available, but I decided to taste it straight this time. I’ll definitely be using salt on this yogurt in the future!

One neat thing about Zinga is that you can select a “bottom” for your yogurt. They have cookies, brownies, cakes and waffle cones. I decided to be “good” and forgo this option although I did have a bite of RJ’s brownie. It was okay, but not spectacular.

Zinga has a wide variety of toppings ranging from fruit, candy, cereals, nuts, and sauces. There are many treats to pick from that it’s hard to decided on your combination. I got strawberries, hot caramel sauce and heath bars. The strawberries were a little firm. I really love strawberries but these were so hard that I didn’t want to eat them. The Heath bars were too sweet with the yogurt; I’ll have to make sure to have a candy with some kind of salty-nutty element next time (but just a little bit).  The hot caramel was nice.

I need a little bit of time to get my combination down at Zinga. I like going into a restaurant or shop and knowing exactly what I want. I’m a little nervous about using Himalayan salt (is it good? is it salty? ) because it’s pink and I’ve never used it before. I need to analyze my topping options because I’m not sure how I feel about getting strawberries again. But, the yogurt’s flavors, the shops cleanliness and the bounty of things to choose between leads me to think that I’ll be back in the future.


Kari’s Ratings

 Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Yogurt- 7

Overall Experience- 7

RJ's frozen yogurt from Zinga

RJ’s frozen yogurt from Zinga

He Said:

If Pinkberry and Sweet Frog had a rebellious child it would be Zinga.  They offer yogurt that actually has enough live cultures in it to be healthy like Pinkberry, but in a self serve environment that is weighed at the register with pop music pumping out of the speakers the whole time.  Everyone offers toppings, but Zinga is the only yogurt store I’m aware of that has bottoms you can pick as well!  With a bottom, you in essence create a yogurt sundae.  That’s pretty rebellious.

Kari and I both helped ourselves to the Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel.  I know I should have gotten something different so we had more to talk about, but I just loved the taste of this flavor and had to get it.  I tried another flavor that was good, but couldn’t figure out how to pair it with toppings.  I take my topping construction very seriously.  Where I did take a chance was with opting for a bottom.  For 50 cents more I chose the brownie bottom.  It was good and a great start for my yogurt sundae.  It was moist and rich and everything that you’d want from a brownie.  The only problem was that it was hard to cut with the spoon that they provided.

The yogurt tasted salty and sweet.  I was genuinely surprised at just how much like a pretzel it tasted.  I’ll probably try one of those other crazy flavors next time and try a different bottom too.  It was a great little place to grab a dessert.

RJ Ratings

Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Yogurt-9

Brownie Bottom- 6