Fashion Desk: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

She Said:

The 2013 MTV VMA awards will live, at least for a time, in notoriety for the scandalous content of the broadcast. I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus except to say, it makes me sad and disgusted.  I’m glad that I haven’t watched the show in years and I follow the red carpet online. Thankfully there were other attendees and let’s focus on what they wore! This year’s red carpet was certainly much more bare than it was last year. There were many dresses that I blushed at and certainly don’t want to reproduce on this blog. I like to focus on the positive aspects when and how we can. So, let’s take a look at the fashion inspiration and lessons we can learn from earlier in the week.

Best Dresses

coco rocha 2013 vma

Coco Rocha in Fausto Puglisi jacket

This is a fun look and is very rocker. I like that she’s covered up, but still has a chic, tough look. That jacket is so awesome and I love the gold detail.

nikki deloach 2013 vma

Nikki Deloach

It can be difficult to find a lovely maternity gown. But, this blush gown is lovely and flattering. The neckline, though a bit low and the empire waist create a beautiful silhouette.

 alison wiliams 2013 vma

Alison Williams in Valentino

This dress is lovely. It reminds me, in a good way, of an ice skater’s costume. The embroidery and mesh are lovely details. I think that wearing cream with black is also very chic, so kudos on the elegant pumps, too.

Holland Roden 2013 vma

Holland Roden in Naeem Khan

I love the 1950’s. So, I’m always pleased to see the elegance of a sweeping skirt paired with pants. Watch I Love Lucy and check out how she rocked an outfit similar to this one- it’s comfortable and feminine! The colors and embroidery of this ensemble are lovely. Holland was definitely the best-dressed lady of the evening.


Dress Messes

jennifer hudson 2013 vma

Jenifer Hudson

Houndstooth= good. Houndstooth on leather= bad. Houndstooth leather top with bulky leather skirt= very bad.

Katy Perry 2013 VMA

Katy Petty in Emanuel Ungaro

 I love the high ponytail. But, there’s something about this dress that makes me feel slightly smothered. The animal print, the feathers and the cut are just too much!

Almost Success

Ariana Grande 2013 vma

Ariana Grande

The print and the cut are both lovely. I just wish the dress were longer. The white pumps, which I know some people hate, are so cute. I also think she had some of the best hair and makeup of the night!

shailene woodley 2013 vma

Shailene Woodley in Emilio Pucci

I’m not a fan of crop tops. I wish the top was a little longer and then this outfit would be a total win for me. The skirt is beautifully detailed.

Becky G 2013 vma

Becky G

First of all, I love her shoes! I wish both the skirt and top were a little bit longer. This look is definitely funky and while it’s not a total win, she’s certainly better and more dressed than some celebs!

He Said:

The VMA’s are usually a place where people take extreme risks from a fashion perspective.  Thankfully, it’s a lot easier for me to keep it classy since men typically don’t bear very much skin on the red carpet, except for Harry Styles, and even he keeps it pretty PG.  This show was a good night for black, and a bad night for pink tennis shoes.


daft punk 2013 vma

Daft Punk- I appreciate that these guys (pardon me, robots) keep it more about the music and don’t want to show everyone much of themselves personally.  Ironically, that makes them the most covered up nominees I’ve ever seen not just at this year’s VMAs.  The suits are well fitted and a nice classy and the helmets are stylish too.

austin mahone 2013 vma

Austin Mahone- This outfit is just the right level of fashion for this event.  The mostly black with the touches of red is awesome.  I would wear this.

one direction 2013 vma

One Direction- These guys must do some serious talking about what to wear before going out in public.  Great whole here even thought I don’t like designed t-shirts at awards shows.  The way they all use white, black, and/or red is really cool.


thirty second to mars 2013 vma

Thirty Seconds to Mars- These guys are starting to look like the old guys that are trying too hard to look young.  If they’d kept it simpler, they would have looked much cooler.

2 Chainz  2013 vma

2 Chainz- This looks like an old couch!  I also don’t understand why he calls himself 2 Chainz and then shows up wearing at least 4.

Riff Raff 2013 VMA

Riff Raff-This one almost made my maybe list because I like the color of his scarf thing and pants, but they’re of two conflicting prints, and the designed t-shirt, and the pink shoes are all just too much.


drake 2013 vma

Drake- If his shirt hadn’t been promoting his album he would have wound up in my bests.  The text really ruins the beautiful simplicity of the all black look.

Maklemore 2013 vma

Macklemore- I actually like the suit and tie.  I hate fur though, even if it is fake.  It’s just an outdated look.


What did you think?  Outside of Mileygate, how did the fashion go?  Did it measure up to previous years positively or negatively?  Let us know below!

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