Fashion Desk: Fashion Week Spectators for Spring 2014

She Said:

Fashion Week is always such and exciting time. Some people look forward to football season, I look forward to Fashion Week. I always love seeing what’s ahead for next season.  Although, since I’m more of a summer girl it can also make me a little sad. At last week’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City the world was treated to a bevy of beautiful, bright, light ensembles for Spring 2014. But, it’s still September 2013, so how can we enjoy all the clothes and not get depressed for the months of boots and sweaters yet to come? Take a cure from the well-dressed and well-groomed celebs attending the shows of course! You can find tons of great looks that you can rock now and into the fall and winter seasons to come!

Here are the trends spotted on some fashion’s chicest spectators that I will be looking forward to wearing this season.

Little Black Dresses

The LBD is so classic and so versatile that getting a new one every season is a good idea. You can wear them so many places for so many occasions. You can also influence their causal or formal feel with accessories and styling. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Upton wore my two favorite LBDs’s of Fashion Week. Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress has a simple shape and its skirt is full enough to be fun, but subdued enough to be work appropriate. Kate’s dress has some fabulous asymmetrical detail that makes it fun for a night on the town. Although with a cardigan or jacket her dress would also be fine for the office.

sarah jessica parker fashion week spring 2014

 kate upton fashion week spring 2014

Menswear Inspired

Fall is a great time to dabble in menswear inspired fashion. Of course it’s good to remember to choose feminine fit and details to insure that your outfit looks inspired by your man, but not stolen from him.  Victoria Beckham, at her own show paired traditional work separate but her cropped pants, heels and tousled hair make this look distinctively feminine.

victoria beckham fashion week spring 2014

Bold Colors

Some ladies took chances wearing bold colors and patterns, and looked fantastic while doing it. Emmy Rossum’s gold dress would be perfect for any variety of holiday events. Hilary Swank’s aqua meets Dalmatian print is so versatile for work or play. However, Selma Blair wore my favorite bold color choice of the week. Her electric blue sleeveless leather dress was totally adorable. Maybe I can I like fall if I can have an electric blue leather dress, too.

emmy rossum fashion week spring 2014Hilary swank fashion week spring 2014selma blair fashion week spring 2014

Comfy, Casual and Cute

We all need clothes that are comfy (who likes clothes that pinch), casual (face it, not many of us go to balls and galas) and are cute (because why not be cute).  Uma Thurman’s chic navy cardigan paired with a sleeveless red top is crisp but cozy. Jessica Alba shows how chic and fun a well-chosen sweatshirt can be.  We don’t really need to shop for more oversize logo t-shirts to sleep in or sweatpants, rather buy those in very measured amounts. The world has become increasingly less formal, but that’s no reason to not choose to still have fun with fashion. Save the PJ pant for at home ladies, not in line at Pinkberry!

uma thurman fashion week spring 2014jessica alba fashion week spring 2014

He Said:

So Fashion week is a great time to see what men are wearing right now, when they’re not dressing up for award shows, or in costumes for videos or movies.  This season there wasn’t a lot of great stuff, but we still found some good things to talk about.
Alexander Skarsgard- A suit is always a good thing, and his suit here has a good fit, and it’s a nice color on him.
alexander skarsgard fashion week spring 2014
Jonas Brothers- This is a little darker look for these boys.  They look more like a team of supervillians than a boy band, but somehow here it works.  I love Nick’s suit, and I would wear Kevin’s outfit tomorrow!   Joe’s look still has a certain edge to it without being alienating.  Good job guys.
jonas brothers fashion week spring 2014
There wasn’t a lot to talk about this week, but I’m hopeful to be talking about a lot more good looks soon!
What were your favorite looks of fashion week?  Is there anything we liked that you didn’t?  Let us know in the comments below!
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