TV Time: The Great Food Truck Race Season Four Finale

(This post contains spoilers)

Host Tyler Florence throwing calling the end of the race in the DC

Host Tyler Florence calling the end of the race in the DC

We always look forward to watching The Great Food Truck Race and we’re always sad when the season is over.

This season was definitely fast paced and full of curve balls. In other words, Tyler was massively annoying! But, we don’t watch because we like Tyler Florence and if anything we enjoy watching him less every season. But, we love food trucks and we love seeing people get a chance to go after their dreams.

We were so excited to have the finale take place, at least in part, in our backyard. The finale may have started in Chicago and Annapolis, but it finished in DC! It was so cool seeing places that we knew. But, it was also stressful while we yelled “Bad area, don’t park there!” so it was definitely a noisy finale. The good news for the contestants is that DC is a great food truck town. People here love food trucks and get really excited about them. But, the bad news was that this is area is populated with great food trucks. The glut of food trucks made finding a good location and customers very challenging.

We were very happy to have two of our original picks competing for the win. Aloha Plate has shown skill in so many areas, they seem so nice and there food looks delicious. But, we’ve been cheering Tikka Tikka Taco on a little more. We really love the concept and some the dishes that they’ve created. How cool were those naan-chos? (Although, I (Kari) must ask that as someone with a strong cilantro allergy -how about creating one dish without it! People with cilantro allergies love Indian flavors too!)  We were so disappointed when our favorites were eliminated last night. Tikka Tikka Taco worked so hard, made so much delicious food and competed like gentleman.

Congratulations to Aloha Plate!

Tikka Tikka Taco- you did awesome too! Congratulations for your awesome run on The Great Food Truck Race. We know that you’ll be successful in the future and we hope to see a Tikka Tikka Taco truck in the DC area again someday!

Wow, between Boardwalk Breakfast Empire, Aloha Plate and Tikka Tikka Taco we discovered some great food trucks this season. I hope we’ll get to visit them all someday and sample their food in person!


Who was your favorite food truck this season?Who has the best food truck in your area?

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