Two Palate Dining: Burger King’s Satisfries


See how much cuter the crinkles Satisfries are?

A mix of Burger King’s regular fries and new Satisfries. See how much cuter the crinkled Satisfries are?

She Said:

Did you ever have one of those weekends when nothing goes right? You’re dealing with grief, a lot of stress, life changes, getting over a sinus inflammation and then you accidentally take two doses of the same medicine? And then you have no food in the house. So in between running errands you have to succumb to fast food. It’s not my favorite thing. I would much rather have quiche or a yummy chicken and spinach sandwich. But, when money and time are at a premium, you do what you have to do sometimes. We decided that if we had to eat Burger King (again- we moved this summer so we leaned a bit) we would try the new fries.

I first heard about Satisfries last week. I didn’t really understand how they have the same ingredients, but are supposed to be lower in fat. (Apparently they are using a procedure with a new batter that will soak up less oil.) I was also really unhappy when I saw that they were going to be crinkle fries, because I hate crinkle fries. When it comes to fries I like nice skinny pieces of potato that are golden crispy and not too salty. I’m very precise about my fries or frites. Steak fries, crinkle fries and any other thick piece of potato is not anything I enjoy eating.

But happily I was wrong! These fries are actually good. They are hands-down the best crinkle fries I’ve ever had and some of the best fast food fries out there.

We got a small order of their regular fries just to compare. The regular fries were kind of floppy, bland and the potato was really chalky. If we get fast food out we usually don’t get fries and just eat baked chips at home. I don’t want to waste calories on eating things that don’t taste good. The Satisfries were much better tasting and better looking. The outside was crisp, not too salty and the potato inside almost melts on your tongue. Satisfries have 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than current Burger King fries.

Wait. Do you really mean that I can have better tasting fries and they’ll be better for me? Deal!

I know French fries and fast food in general aren’t the most healthful foods and shouldn’t be a cornerstone of our diet. But we all lead busy lives and most of us do succumb to having to grab a quick bite now and then. Getting healthier is all about making changes and if you can just make one little change you are already in a better position than you were before.

Burger King is apparently giving these fries away this weekend (October 12th and 13th, 2013). How cool is that? You don’t even have to buy anything and you can sample them and taste the superiority for yourself.  You can say it’s smart marketing, which it is, but it’s also a great way to try a new product without risk.

If only Tiffany’s and Macy’s would adopt this new product freebie deal 🙂

Kari’s Ratings

Satisfries- 8

Regular- 1

A closeup of the regular Burger King fries

A closeup of the regular Burger King fries.

A closeup of the fluffy potato center of Satisfries

A closeup of the fluffy potato center of Satisfries

He Said:

Burger King has fallen short of calling their new lower fat fries a health food, but they have said that they have 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than McDonald’s French fries.  All those numbers are great, but if the fries don’t taste as good as regular fries, people won’t eat them.  So the question is, are Satisfries any good?

Happily, Satisfries are actually tastier than the normal Burger King fries.  Not only do they taste better, but also they are crispier on the outside, and more tender on the inside.  They also have a decidedly better mouth feel than traditional fries.  They taste more like real potato.  I also really like the crinkle on the fry.

The only sad part about this new item is that they are billing it as a limited time only.  Burger King should replace their normal fries with these Satisfries since they are superior in every way.

RJ’s Ratings

Satisfries- 9

Regular Fries- 1