Cupcake Commentary: National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Babycakes Cupcakery- so tasty, yet so far away!

Babycakes Cupcakery- so tasty, yet so far away!

Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day! Isn’t that a wonderful holiday? Well, I guess it’s definitely a minor holiday. I (Kari) am in prep mode for all the major upcoming holidays.


            Halloween- Costumes in progress, parties and event planning in progress, candy corn is currently accounted for. Don’t worry; we’ll share our costume pics!

            Thanksgiving- I’m working on my menu ideas, already planning fun for Thanksgiving weekend (we’ll share about that after it happens too).

            Christmas- I’m already working on my Christmas card list. I send out at least 150 cards every year so it’s a big job that requires some planning. But, I got a great deal from Groupon and preparations for the cards have begun!

But it’s always nice to take a break from the flurry and bustle of life and think about simple things; like chocolate cupcakes.

RJ and I both adore cupcakes. When we first started this blog we tried several cupcakes places and soon got burned out. But I think we are ready to start the search for the best cupcakes again. We’ve never been to the Sprinkles and we’ve never had a cupcake from the most famous of DC area cupcake shops, Georgetown Cupcakes.

Here’s a look back at some of the cupcakes that we have sampled.

Babycakes Cupcakery– We love Babycakes, but unfortunately they are five hours away from where we live. We’ve tried a variety of their cupcakes (Toffee=love), but we’ve always been very impressed with the flavor and texture of their chocolate cupcakes.

Edibles Incredible– We had some very bad customer service here as well as acquiring “sugar burn” from their lackluster, if large cupcakes.

Pastry Xpo– We’re still a little burned from our less than great experience on our last visit. We had enjoyed the cupcakes before. So we wonder if our palates had changed or has the quality of the pastry changed?


Giant– No. I’m still so confused by the infamous “Robert Stack” cupcake that I can’t even remember what the chocolate tasted like.


Cupcakes Actually– We’ve had a couple good experiences here, but after a couple of very disappointing visits we stopped going. The dipped cupcakes are great if they aren’t too frozen.

Where do we need to go to find the best chocolate cupcakes? In the DC area or otherwise? Who makes the best chocolate cupcakes?