Fashion Desk: Fashion Week Spectators for Spring 2013 Collections

She Said: Fashion Week Spectators

New York Fashion Week is always such a big deal! I feel like it’s taken me weeks to sort through looking at the collections for Spring 2013.  You know, even though it’s so exciting I’m always slightly perplexed with it. Here I am getting ready to face winter, which is a season that I’m not crazy about.  Now, all I can think about are spring clothes!  I understand that designers, editors and buyers have to be a season ahead, but it’s kind of agonizing to think about bulky winter clothes when you could be wearing chiffon and seersucker.

This year I finally figured out a way to enjoy Fashion Week and still keep an eye toward the actual season we are beginning. I paid attention to the celebrity spectators. They have to look fabulous now and I got some great ideas for fall. Of course, I enjoyed the Christian Siriano, Kate Spade and many other shows for spring. But, I loved getting a chance to see some chic-ness and in some cases to looks to avoid for fall!

Favorite looks

Jessica Alba

I love the cheerful yellow print of the skirt.  I would wear this whole outfit. It’s a great mix of modern and vintage style.  The black leather pieces really make this look pop!

Christina Ricci

This dress is so sweet. I love the mix of pastels and bright colors.  It’s such a ladylike outfit and if you added a cardigan you could wear it all through the fall.

Ashley Greene in DKNY

Well-done illusion panels can add a little spice to plain outfit and this DKNY dress proves it! I love the little touch of illusion at the arms. It’s a great tweak to the little black dress.

Camilla Belle in Michael Kors

I love shorts and this outfit perfectly illustrates how dressy shorts can be. I bought my first pair of dressy shorts a couple of years ago and I love them! I wear them all through winter with tights. The print and swing of the jacket also make this look fun and chic.

Mandy Moore in Lela Rose

I love Lela Rose dresses. Mandy Moore wore several during fashion week, but this was my favorite. I didn’t know how crazy I was about yellow. Again it’s paired well with a black leather jacket and cute shoes. I think I’ll have to dabble in yellow this fall.  I’ve been wary of wearing yellow because being a fair-skinned brunette; it can be a hard color to pull off. But, I’m seeing a lot of cute yellow things for fall. Retro dresses are always a good thing though, in any shade!

Paula Abdul

I really like this outfit. Pink and black can be a hard combination to pull off, but I think this outfit looks great. I love the kimono style blouse. I really think that the longer flared skirt works well, too.

Looks to avoid

Kim Kardashian

The skirt is too tight so it’s puckering and buckling. A slim skirt really only looks good if it fits well. Tight clothing doesn’t look flatter anyone.  The top is so overdone with illusion and fringe that it looks like a sad cupcake. Embellishments really need to be used sparingly to be effective

Whitney Port

I can’t stand this skirt. A gathered, front pleat really just makes hips and waist look wide. I’m never interested in making myself look wider.

Jenifer Hudson

I like bright colors, but this color is just too toothpaste for me. Aqua is a really assertive color and this looks like an old Barbie doll suit. I think the jacket is too structured and pairing it with the jumpsuit really makes it look like an 80’s costume.

Katie Lee

I like leather accents and pieces. I just don’t think this is well executed. It looks like something you could pick up at a teen clothing store for $35. The print is really unattractive.

Michelle Trachtenberg

When I first saw this picture I thought someone had super imposed and doodled the straps/ bust line of this dress. I don’t like that accent at all! The fabric is stiff and heavy and the metallic sheen adds bulk. This is one of the least flattering dresses I saw all week.

Elisabeth moss

Black and gold is a fun and glamorous look for fall. But, if you don’t pay attention to fit and length it can look a little cheap. If this had even a cap sleeve or was just a little longer it would be really pretty cute.

Favorite celebs of the week

Two girls really looked great and showed off some wonderful looks for fall. I had to give them separate kudos for their fashionable appearances all week.

Lauren Conrad

I love Lauren Conrad. She’s got great personal style. She wears a lot of classic shapes and she has fun with prints, too.

This black and white dress is so cute. I love the mix of prints. The collar is so cute. I would happily wear this dress for fall.

This dress reminds me of South Pacific. It has a great shape and defined waist and the print is totally “Bali Ha’I”.

The darker colors of the pansy print make this dress a cute alternative for the typically lighter and brighter floral patterns of summer. I love the square neckline, too- super cute!

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly has really defined taste and I’m not always crazy about her choices, but I thought she looked wonderful during Fashion Week.

This look is totally mod from the colors to the details of this dress. It may look a little extreme, but it’s really a wearable dress, She’s really amped up the look with hair, makeup and accessories. However, if you stripped down the makeup, simplified the hair and swapped the purse for a solid color you’d have a totally wearable look.

This is so pretty! It’s almost a fairy dress. The smoky gray with pink floral accents is another great way to feel seasonal, but still stay floral.

I adore the red and black brocade. Does this dress not just scream holiday occasion? It’s got a great shape and isn’t too bare like many party dresses can be.

Well I’m ready to go shopping. Who wants to fund my fall wardrobe? 🙂

He Said:  Fashion Week 2012

It’s one thing to talk about red carpet fashion, or what’s on the runway, but what about those that get to consume the high-end fashion?  Menswear can be hard.  In some ways it’s so limiting, so I really admire those that step outside the box.  On the other hand, it’s very easy for things to get out of control fast.  Simple can be good too.


Colton Hayes- Colton looks great here.  Even though he’s sitting down this suit still looks like it fits him well.  He doesn’t miss a note with the shirt color, or his belt or shoes.

Ryan Lochte- This suit fits well, and everything falls into place.  I wish he’d been a little more adventurous with the tie or some spot of color, but overall, it looks good.

Nick Cannon- I wouldn’t wear this outfit myself, but it looks great on him.  It’s a very elevated from of street fashion, that works well for these kind of events.


Adam Lambert- I didn’t even recognize him here.  He looks too young.  Everything is too loud.  As a balding man, I also find the gray hair color choice offensive.

BD Wong- where do I even start with this one?  Somehow I suspect that the whole outfit, from the velour look of the vest to the odd length of the shorts is a big joke on those that would review it.  There is nothing that works about BD’s look.

Brad Goreski- This looks too tight.  The shoes clash, and I don’t like the logo on his lapel.  The overall effect is weird.

Kevin Jonas- Sorry Kevin, I love your music, but hate the design of this shirt.

Almost Good

Justin Theroux- This is a great casual outfit, but it has one weird problem.  The layered jackets are adding bulk, and creating odd lines.  At first I thought the inner one was a design on his shirt.

Ricky Martin- Ricky’s outfit is a sharp monochromatic black look that fits well.  The problem is there are too many different kinds of shiny fabric here.  This is a problem that seems to be plaguing menswear at large at the moment.

Kellan Lutz- I actually would wear this get up except for one problem.  The sweater is too sheer.

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