Fashion Desk: 2012 Billboard Music Awards

She Said: Billboard Music Awards


The Billboard Music Awards is a gathering of the most popular acts from a variety of music genres. This highly commercial group tends to showcase a red carpet that is very fashion forward but can also have some absence of taste moments.  The Billboard Awards red carpet did have some notable outfits that were lovely, but there were also some questions and yikes moments!


Dress Successes

taylor swift billboard music awards

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Taylor Swift in Elie Saab

I love it! It’s totally my favorite look of the night. I love the beautiful red color. The texture of the skirt is amazing. The fit, lace and design on the bodice are very lovely. I love well-done illusion (when things are actually concealed). I always think it’s fun too when Taylor straightens her hair (although I would miss her curls if she always did it).


alicia keys billboard music awards

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Alicia Keys- Azzedine Alaia Couture

I love this simple black dress. It’s very covered up but it still feels very fashionable. Her makeup, jewelry and her always-fabulous hair keep this look feeling fresh and young.


Jordin Sparks Billboard Music Awards

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Jordin Sparks- Diane von Furstenberg

I love the light color of the dress with the strappy black shoes, it’s a perfect look for the almost summer time of year. The fabric and cut of the dress create a very young but appropriate silhouette. It’s not too short and the long sleeves give a balance to the length of the dress.  And I love a good side ponytail!



Dress Messes

julianne hough billboard music awards

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Julianne Hough- Kaufman Franco

I don’t like this dress at all because it just looks like a towel wrap or beach cover-up. If someone wanted a really jazzy, Vegas cover-up then this would fit the bill perfectly but it doesn’t look right on the red carpet.


julie bowen billboard music awards

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Julie Bowen- Doo.Ri

I don’t get this dress at all. It looks almost like someone made this and had to add the panels to fit her into it. It’s also very, very square cut which isn’t the most flattering look. And the arrangement of beading on the center panel is very strange to me. I’m sure it was by design but it looks like they started beading at the bottom and ran out by the time they got to the top.


nelly furtado billboard music awards

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Nelly Furtado- Alberta Ferretti

I hate a black bra under something white. Yes, I’ve probably done that a few times to go the mailbox or during finals week in college but for a red carpet it’s a no for me. I don’t like the squareness and heavy weight of the crochet here. The attached necklace and thick straps are very unflattering as is the length of the hem.


natasha bedingfield billboard music awards

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Natasha Bedingfield

I love the idea of fashion as art but this is just a mess. The outfit is a lovely color. Aqua is always a flattering color and it’s good for spring and summer. But, there is too much sheer and not enough structure to this piece..  The shapewear or foundation underneath isn’t fitted properly. The beading is tacky and heavy. I don’t understand this look at all. Perhaps with some editing this look could have been different and beautiful. But the garment lacks foundation literally and needs a lot of work.


Kerli Billboard Music Awards

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This is just… bad. The platform suede stuffed animal sneakers are dirty. The thigh highs cheapen the nice silhouette of the dress. And the pink obviously faux fur stole just makes this outfit a mess. The dress itself is fine. She would have enough accessories with the pastel hair and if she had stopped adding accessories would have had a much cooler outfit.


Dress Questions

katie perry billboard music awards

Katy Perry- Blumarine

I like the color of this dress. I don’t like the beading and back cut outs because to me they look kind of like a cheesy prom dress. I actually don’t think the dark purple hair works well here either. It’s not an appalling look but it feels pretty low effort. Her bangle bracelets are fabulous, though!


carrie underwood billboard music awards

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Carrie Underwood- Oscar de la Renta

I really want to love this dress but there’s something off about the scale of it. It makes Carrie look about two feet tall. I like the color and texture of the fabric. But the bodice is sitting too low and is too short waisted. The skirt is too voluminous and makes her look like a child in a grown up dress. The beaded purse is cute as are the shoes. I like the idea of the dress but the execution makes this look like something from a dress from the judges least favorites on Project Runway.


He Said Billboard Awards



Best Dressed

the wanted billboard music awards

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The Wanted-This boy band really has it all together.  Each has their own little flairs, but they seem to manage a cohesiveness that is hard to do.  Maybe it’s the unifying pocket square, I don’t know.

justin beiber billboard music awards

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Justin Bieber- I really have to give the Biebes credit for knowing his own personal style.  Yes, this look is VERY informal.  He’s 18, he looks 15, put him in tux, and he’d look 12. So in an atmosphere as casual as the Billboard Music Awards, I actually applaud the idea of playing to his strengths and going super casual.  I wouldn’t wear it, but it’s totally him.

mike fisher billboard music awards

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Mike Fisher-His suit with no tie and an open neck may not be as formal as his wife’s, but this is casual guy at a casual awards show at it’s finest.  He doesn’t open the shirt to deeply, but still leaves it open as I feel men should if they don’t have a tie.  It fits him well too.


Worst Dressed

far east movement billboard music awards

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Far East Movement-What were these guys thinking!  Rappers can have style.  Guys, listen, LL Cool J makes my best dressed every time he walks a red carpet, there’s no excuse!  This is not the understated casual of Justin Beiber, this is a look at our necklaces and you’ll get our life philosophy kind of look.  The problem is that I don’t get it, and unless you’re in on the “joke” they just look like fourth rate Flavor Flav knock offs.

jason derulo billboard music awards

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Jason Derulo- He’s wearing a suit, but there’s still a lot wrong with this.  I hate textured jackets.  Can’t stand them.  Maybe it’s just the angle here, but the banded neck collar is a bad call as well.  I like a banded neck in some settings, but you need something else to pull it off.  Tasteful necklace would work, but most people opt for emphasizing the top button in some assertive way.  He does neither, and it falls flat.

Ty Burrell billboard music awards

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Ty Burrell- I hate this look.  The plaid shirt overshadows everything.  It might have worked if the bowtie matched the suit, or if both the color of the suit and the bowtie were in the plaid, but as is it’s just too much different color.  The button is also too high, and he needs to button the lower one when standing.



usher billboard music awards

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Usher-Overall this is a pretty good look.  It’s almost there.  The blue of the suit works nicely with his skin tone, and the grays of his shoes and his shirt match nicely.  Two things push this into maybe category.  First, the buttoned top button; if you don’t have a tie, leave it unbuttoned!  The bigger deal is what’s going on with his waist.  Is that a bad belt?  A horrible waistband?  I can’t tell.  The white draws more attention to this, and adds a third color unwisely into the mix.

john legend billboard music awards

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John Legend-This look has a simplified geek chic feel to it, especially with the glasses.  I don’t really understand what’s going on with the collar, and that’s what lands it here.  Otherwise, it’s a great outfit for this even.