TV Time: Project Runway All Stars Season Two: Finale

TV Time: Project runway All Stars Season 2: Finale

(This review contains spoilers)

I really enjoyed this season of Project Runway All Stars. I love the judges and I’m going to miss Isaac and Georgina when the new season of regular Project Runway starts. Joanna Coles is an amazing mentor; I really adore her more than Tim Gunn! We’ve seen some good challenges and I only felt compelled to skip one episode. While some of the outfits didn’t fit in with our ideas of modesty we did feel that this season was much more tastefully filmed, especially in regard to model fittings, so we appreciated the better editing.  The show got off to a bit of a rough start with me because of opening with a team challenge (and the new season of Project Runway is being done in teams for the whole season), but it quickly picked up pace. I didn’t always agree with the eliminations, in fact I frequently disagreed with the judges on winners and losers of the challenges. But, we were treated to some beautiful clothes and I feel inspired as a beginning seamstress so it really was a good season.

Here are some of my favorite outfits from this season

andrae project runway all stars season 2 episode 3

Andrae’s dress from the create your own graffiti print challenge  was awesome. I would totally wear this dress. I love the whole look; even the hair and makeup are awesome.

uli project runway season 2 episode 9

Uli’s dress from Tahari challenge was stunning. It’s so perfectly wearable. I want to buy this dress so badly! It’s perfect for church, dinner, theatre- anything! I didn’t even like this fabric initially, but Uli’s flair for drape and eye for detail turned this okay fabric into a lovely dress.

laura kathleen project runway all stars episode 8 l

I felt so bad that Laura Kathleen was eliminated for this look. I really loved it. I don’t even usually like jumpsuits and I thought it was cool. I love the fullness of the pants and the sparkle on the top. The judges hated the fur vest, too. I liked it. I would happily wear this outfit to a dressy occasion- hair and makeup included!

emilio project runway all stars season 2 finale

That brings us to the finale. I really loved Emilio’s concept and his overall styling. I just thought some of the looks were really unbearable for the average women. However, I would proudly rock this white top and denim pants look head to toe, it’s awesome!

I don’t know how Uli didn’t win. She deserved it! Her collection was stunning.

uli project runway all stars season 2 finale

This dress is so amazing that I can barely do it justice in talking about it. The collar detail is perfect with just the right amount of sparkle. I appreciate how this dress is both beautifully crafted and so totally wearable!

uli project runway all stars season two finale

Even Joanna wanted this vest! It’s so fun. I usually hate winter and winter clothes. But, I want to wear this outfit. I think February would be a better month if I could spend it wearing Uli’s clothes.

I’m very disappointed that Uli didn’t win. Her collection was the best.  It was well made and told a beautiful story. It even made me like winter! Anthony Ryan really needed the win so I’m trying to take comfort in that. But, I don’t think people who need to win them should win competitions; rather they should be won by who is the best. I don’t like how Anthony Ryan’s clothes always have too much exposed flesh, but I know the judges don’t agree with me. I agree with Joanna Coles’ assertion that designers should make clothes that women can wear with undergarments. I know Uli doesn’t always make clothes that agree with my idea of modesty, but she has made many things that I thought were lovely. I would love her whole mini collection. I think the judges got it wrong.

He Said: Project Runway All Stars Season Two: Finale

Now that this season is over, and as usual with the wrong person winning for the wrong reasons, we thought it would be fun to look back on some of the dresses that we liked.

emilio project runway all stars season 2 episode 11

I thought Emilio Sosa did his best work in episode 11, “Couture de France” with this modest but flashy number

anthony ryan project runway all stars season 2 episode 9

I don’t agree that Anthony Ryan Auld should have won, but I did like this dress he made for episode 9, “There’s No Business Like Sew Business…” He really manipulated the print well.

uli project runway all stars season 2 episode 2

Uli consistently was a favorite of ours.  Unlike other contestants Uli was able to create wearable fashion that still felt chic.  She has a much different esthetic than she did the last time she appeared on the show and has grown as a designer very much.  That was on display early in this lovely dress from episode 2, “Put on Your Dancing Shoes.”

uli project runway all stars season 2 finale

She continued to rock the white with lots of trim look right up until the finale. My favorite piece was the silver paisley pants.

uli project runway all stars season 2 finale

The trim on this dress was really crazy too, and the fabric has such a neat sheen to it.

Uli should have won!

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