Fashion Desk: Fashion Week Fall 2013 Red Carpet

She Said: Fashion Week Fall 2013 Red Carpet

I love fashion! Fashion week is always exciting because it’s so fun to see what new creations that designers have come up with. But, it’s also a little frustrating. I always end up wishing away the season that I’m in. After being frustrated by longing for time to pass, I finally discovered a little trick that helps me enjoy Fashion Week even more. I definitely observe the trends on the runway, but I also look to the red carpet. That way I can find outfits that can be recreated in the season that we are in and I don’t end up just longing to move ahead.  There were many exciting trends for Fall 2013 at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City and there were also some great looks for right now on the red carpet!

Jenna Elfman

I love her structured gray dress. It’ s so simple, clean and modern. You could pair this dress with cute black shoes and a wrap to be perfect for February. With the addition of some lighter, brighter accessories, you could even transition this dress into spring.

Olivia Wilde

I love cage style dresses that still appear feminine. This dress feels sturdy enough for winter, but it retains a lovely demure quality. I love the use of periwinkle blue contrasted with a darker color. Her shoes are also adorable!

Vanessa Hudgens, AnnaSophia Robb and Victoria Justice

I love all of these outfits. Vanessa Hudgens’ full skirt is darling and I love that the collar of the shirt matches the skirt. AnnaSophia Robb’s sapphire print dress is mod without looking costumey. It looks great with black tights and a bold shoe choice, too. One of my favorite ways to pump up a winter fashion choice is do a black tight with a bright shoe. Victoria Justice’s peplumed, high neck dress is adorable! I love black and white dresses!

Miley Cyrus

I absolutely adore this dress. I liked this dress better than any other that was worn at Fashion week. The soft structure, beautiful ruffles and perfect shade of white make this dress an almost any season appropriate confection. You could wear this dress now or in the spring. I haven’t liked much of what Miley has worn on the red carpet for a long time and I hope that this dress is a signal of her embracing a more chic look.

He Said: Fashion Week Fall 2013 Red Carpet

This fashion week was not a very good place to see what good menswear looks like.  I found some things that I think look good, but for the most part it was not very inspiring.  Here’s what I found and why it looks good:

Austin Butler- This look is classic laid back cool.  It doesn’t look dirty, but it’s not dressed up either.  It would be great for going out to a party or dancing.

Cuba Gooding Jr.-  This classic tux with a matching scarf is a great choice for something more formal.

Ne-Yo- I just love Ne-Yo’s use of hats!  Normally, I don’t like the forever scarf either, but it looks good here.  Good job Ne-Yo!

John Legend- Legend really does dress well for every occasion.  Here, at a fashion show he looks dressed up enough to acknowledge being at a nice event, without being over dressed up.

Zac Posen and Michael Kors-  these two Project Runway judges couldn’t avoid looking snazzy anywhere they went!  Here we see that for the Project Runway finale (I wonder who the guest judge is going to be this season) they both kept it fairly simple.  Zac shows a great use of subdued color here, and Michael opting for his famous monochromatic look. Later at a more formal event, Zac’s used color in his blue shirt, and Michael chose a simple black tux with a long tie.  Very nice choices both of you!