Baby: Big News!

She Said: I was blessed with a most precious gift from God and was able to post this on Facebook on Monday.

pregnancy test

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27YES!! Praise God, he did!!! We found out yesterday and were confirmed by two of my doctors just this afternoon- I’m pregnant!!!!!! We are overwhelmed with joy. I was committed to being cautious and worried about “what ifs”, but I’ve been reminded by so many dear friends today that I serve an awesome and wondrous God who brought me to this and this a time to celebrate. My prayer will be for a healthy pregnancy, resulting with a healthy mommy and baby at the end. But, I know that he will sustain us through whatever and I’m not worrying about that today. Because I’m pregnant!!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers (and for your continued prayers for us and for the health of the baby and for me) and thank you to our dear, wonderful Heavenly Father for this most special gift and honor of this precious new life!We already love you so much it hurts, Little One!!!!! I can’t wait until a few weeks from now when I will see you for the first time!!!!!!

Yes, we are pregnant.  I had been feeling off for a few days. This summer has been so stressful, that at first I just credited being sick and tired to all that was going on. But, I was also warm- that was new. I’m always cold. We also recently started using a new app called Glow. ( Check it out, it’s very helpful as far as tracking your cycle. It’s also free and I have not been compensated or coerced in any way to mention it. I’m just a happy first time mommy.)  On Saturday, we were driving around Clifton and walked by a little church that had a sign up that said “If You Are Looking for a Sign, This Is It”. That’s so neat because we had been praying for a sign that I might be pregnant. We’ve gotten our hopes up so many times and have had so many failed tests. But, this was different. On Sunday, I took a test in just a few seconds the test (digital) said Pregnant! RJ was setting the timer so we could check it in 3 minutes, but I called him back. We took another test right after and it was pregnant, too!

The next day we made an appointment to get a blood test from my doctor.  I decided that we definitely needed to get some prenatal vitamins. In the short time it took us to go to the store and return home the test came back from the doctor as positive!

I still can’t believe it. We’ve waited and prayed for so long. I am so grateful to God for giving us this most precious gift. I hope to be worthy of this most beautiful miracle. God has brought me through infertility, PCOS, and my myriad of endocrine problems to this moment of pregnancy. This has been years of tears, prayers, hurt, and now the best gift in the world.  I’m so thankful.

But, I’m also scared. I’m scared that I’ll hurt it somehow or eat the wrong thing. I’m scared every time that I have a cramp that I’m about to lose the baby. I want this child so much. While I know that God has brought me to this moment and I need to trust Him to bring me through whatever happens.  We’ve waited for this baby for so long. I’m so worried about money. We are so broke and we need so many things!

I feel so greedy asking for more prayer. I’ve already been given so much. But, I would ask that you please pray for this baby that it will develop into a healthy and strong baby. Pray for me that my body will be safe and healthy place for the baby to develop. That I can calm my anxiety and that my health problems will be able to be managed easily!  Pray for RJ as he supports me and seeks to provide for us! He’s working so hard!

Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for my health and for this baby! May God richly bless you for your precious gifts of prayer! Please remember us! We’ll keep you updated about our dear, precious darling!

I can’t wait to see the baby on my first exam. I want to see the heartbeat. I want to see it! I can’t believe it’s real! I am the most blessed woman in the world!

My name is Kari Rothstein and I’m a mommy!

( P.S. I’m five weeks pregnant and due April 29th!)

Kari- 5 weeks pregnant

Kari- 5 weeks pregnant ( Very early in the morning going to check my TSH so that we can monitor my thyroid to keep this baby healthy)

5 weeks update- Tired, so very tired sometimes, but I have insomnia sometimes too. Very bloated. Morning sickness, not too bad, but more than just in the mornings! Slightly elevated TSH. Can’t stand peanut butter and some bread. I love eating protein. I sometimes like eating something, but I don’t like smelling it while I’m eating. And I’m always warm! My feet are a little swollen and I’m dizzy, too!

I’ve never been so profoundly grateful to be sick and feel bad! I’m thankful for all signs of a normal pregnancy and truly do praise God even for bouts of nausea!

Check back every week for our updates on my pregnancy!